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22.9. 12.43 CET/11.43 GMT/6.43 EST, Flight AA57 LHR-MIA, somewhere above the Atlantic ocean:

Inflight entertainment movie „Too Big to Fail“ on the collaps of the financial system in Sept 2008, when Bear Stearns and Lehman Bros and AIG and Fanny Mae and Freddy Mack and many many other Wall Street and Main Street companies get bankruptcy, bailed out or merged with others (f*cking long sentence, too bad).

I'm still not sure wheter it was right to socialize all the losses of the financial industry or to have let it all gone perdu, and risking a flipback to another great depression. But what is happening nowadays? Too much cash in all national markets, still a minority of to many single persons and companies earning too much. Greed and maximizing interests and fortune rules again.
My thoughts are swiping away. And slipping back to my task: Showing that there is a social mission for our society – in concrete: I'm on #myjourney to make sustainable development issues visible and understandable to a broader community. For me it's also the first time visiting a development project, for once now in Nicaragua.

PS They all used Blackberries in this movie – what a time that was, a pre-iPhone-, and, of course, a pre-Android-time. Maybe there will be a shift of coping with social equality chances like there was by introducing the iPhone to the business world…

And, btw: My careful flight attendant is Shirley. She's flying since more than 30 years for American, only the London route since years – and she's Kyra Sedgewick's older sister: Size, haircut, glasses, and, most important: voice! Such a cutiee 😉

PPS I bouth the at London Heathrow just by interest: page 1, short notice column: „Lehman estate drops suit. Lehman Brother's bankruptcy estate has abandoned an $11bn lawsuit against Barclays, dropping compensation claims linked to the UK bank's acquisition of Lehman's North American broker-dealer“ – 11 billion US$? Ok, I'm pretty sure about the sickness of putting virtual numbers in real money.

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