My first jump of #myjourney – day 1

22.9. 7.22 CET, Flight AA6483/BA709 ZRH-LHR:

That's what British Airways's calling a „deli moment“ for breakfast: some kind of undefined brown something roll-like bread with something undefined sparkled-grey former-maybe chicken filling. And I didn't mention yet what they serve as coffee. Am I spoilt? It's over all a deluxe level of complaining in spite of those ppl I'm currently working for: e.g. not having anything to eat as millons of millons at the Horn of Africa region now. So my job is already mind-shifting! Still: I didn't like this kind of Airline food at all.

High value traveling tipps from the BA-inflight mag:
* London – stay at and; drink at and and; eat at; shop at; enjoy icecream at;
* Milan – stay at; drink at; eat at; shop at
* Paris – stay at; drink at; eat at Inaki Aizpitarte's tapas bar Le Dauphin +31155287888; shop at
* New York – stay at; drink at; eat at; shop at
* Salzburg – eat at Magazin
* Berlin – stay at

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