NYC Mulberry Street and Cameron Diaz – Tag 1, 2. Blogpost aus dem Flugi

22.9. 13.49 CET/12.49 GMT/07.49 EST, Flight AA57 LHR-MIA, still Atlantic, some clouds, nearly halftime:

What I like about the American Airlines inflight mag: page 15 entire page ad on – visit And please don't ask why I'm blogging in English; I started it by chance and it will be a good training for all next explorer trips of

More tipps to come upright here and now:
* New York: NYC's Mulberry Street: Da Gennaro M129 +12024313934; Mulberry Street Cigar Co M140 +12129417400; Mulberry Street Bar M176 1/2 +2122269345; Benito II M163 +12122269012; Grotta Azzurra M177 +12029258775; Angelo's M146 +12029661277; Il Piccolo Bufalo M141 +12022199068; Rubirosa M235 +12029650500; Caffe Roma 385 Broome St. +12022268413; Ferrara Bakery & Café 195 Grand St. +12022266150; La Bella Ferrara M108 +12029667867
* Brussels – sleep at;
* Brisbane – eat at and; drink at
* Sydney – eat at; chill at; drink at
* listen and enjoy „The Recipe Project. A delectable Extraverganza of Food an Music“ by Black Balloon Publishing

In the meantime I watched another movie: Cameron Diaz feat. – too bad and no more words on it, just light entertainment. I would not have paid a single penny for a regular ticket. Straight foreward, single story, good and bad, blond and red-haired, conservative and bitchy, so it's all about clichees. Too bad!

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