#MyJourney erm my 1st Journey has come to an end BUT

29.9., 5.35 CST/13.35 CET, Sandino Airport Managua

Sitting at Managua Airport at half past 5 am and waiting for my 7.20 flight to Miami Intl makes me quiet and thinking for the moment. An awesome (hear it right – åååsm!) week has gone by: My very first time to Central- i.e. Latin America, my first time in a World Vision project, my first this and that, from Gallo Pinto to Ceviche and Plantas Fritas to Cavallo Bajo.

Amazing and disturbing at the same time: I saw ppl living in conditions which no one wants even to imagine. I saw the same ppl being glad, grateful, and eager to improve and to work on their and their's children future. I saw ppl caring. I saw warm-hearted ppl giving me a delight welcome and staying with them. I by myself was living in conditions pretty usual in Nicaragua – no international exchangable hotel chain, I stayed with Lenin, my couochsurfing host. I got in touch with real life, eating at a friteria, buying something at Huembes market, climbing up a volcano and swimming in another volcano lake.

To sum up: I've not just been to Nicaragua on an official trip on behalf of World Vision, I felt the pulse of a pumping heart. This chance is called #MyJourney – so everyone has now the opportunity to join my NGO and accompany us. Not just visiting a development project but feeling much more, feeling how precious life is and that sharing of a little bit of our wealth is not just giving an anonymous donation. It is sharing our luck of life with those who are not blessed living in our conditions.


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