Complaining on luxury and thinking about Xochitlepec ADP #myjourney day 7

29.9. 17.30 EST/15.30 CST/22.30 GMT/23.30 CET, Flight AA 6159 = BA 206 MIA-LHR, taxiing at MIA Intl. airport

Too bad, a BA flight to LHR operated by a B747-400. Good luck I'm at least at a wing and window seat but the plane is fully crowded. British isn't famous for their service too, so it's gonna be a long and painful flight.

But still, I'm flying to get my work done.Those ppl I've visited the last days in Nicaragua maybe have never been anywhere else than in their villages. For example, in Los Mercados, a little community in the Xochitlepec ADP next to La Conception (or La Concha, as the locals would say), there is a 35-aged woman, who has given birth to 7 children, but was born and is still living in this community. If course they have TV, even a DVD player I recognized in her barrack (house might not fix this small and not very comfortable building), there is mobile phone network and some electricity and cable telephone as well. But she never travelled, the journey to the capital Managua just takes one hour by car, two by bus and even longer shared local taxis.

School kids in secondary grade after primary school have to walk more than one hour, just to reach the main route where the school buses collecting them. Two hoursevery day, just to go to school. Being in your capital city not more than once a year, and I am complaining on a Boeing 747 bringing me save more than 7000 miles across the world?

Lesson learned, once more. Thank you #myjourney… And still there are much more comfortable airlines than British Airways 😉

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