1st Social Media Apero Basel

Dear all,

yesterday's start was a bit humble… http://twitter.com/kfuellhaas/status/9635313048 But due to self-assured and mellow people the evening became better, at last.

Since I'm well trained in organizing symposia and conferences in my job as an university assistant I would like to propose to do all the organisational stuff for our next meeting.

It will be no problem to have either a room at the Basel Univerity (for free) or at any other restaurant in the city; technical requirements such as wireless internet, beamer etc should work out as well if needed.

For sure I do not want to interfere with Chiara's plans but my time is too precious to waste on waiting in the rain – for any reasons. Pls let me know if I should get off the starting blocks.

All the best,

PS My personal aim would also include something like a http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/BarCamp – this first meeting called Social Media Apero might leed to the first Barcamp in Basel http://barcamp.ch

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