TED is the world – #TEDxHelvetia in Lausanne on 13th Sept 2012


TEDxHelvetiaImagining Our Future!

Sometimes it is all about complaining. I'm one of those who don't shut up and keeps on moaning and grumbling. For example, when I registered that there was a new TEDx event coming up, in Switzerland, Lausanne, called TEDxHelvetia. No information was given despite it should be an invitational only event.

What is this event about? Let's quote:

TEDxHelvetia is about spreading ideas that can truly make a difference, from some of the world’s renowned experts as well as the great minds of tomorrow. Our future holds many challenges, from financial crises, social inequalities and demographic shifts to climate change, dwindling natural resources and pollution.

So it happened that the Facebook Fanpage of TEDxHelvetia tried to get more noise and asked the community to share and win some tickets. Strictly against all Facebook's rules of promotion – I did it and tweeted about it:

Pretty annoyed of another winning game without any chances – pretty surprised they answered and responded to fulfill  my complaints. And even great: Some days later there was a twitter direct message which invites me for a blogger ticket. So – tomorrow I will be there to get it all! Of course I will be live tweeting (and yes, it might get annoying but sorry – expect everything!). Follow the hashtag #tedXhelvetia

Of course I will do a little social media monitoring – I will use the free Netbreeze Community Report – swiss made social data monitoring for live insights in our topics: check it out!

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Watch the movie – right here:

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