Inflight Mag nice readings: Taste of Egypt – Rokak #myjourney

Egyptair, VIE-CAI, 4.11., 16.30 CET

Still I like to read what all those MyJourney Airlines (including today's flights to Tanzania and already booked upcoming there were British Airways, American Airlines, Malev, Emirates, Egyptair, Keynia Airways, Swiss) write in their inflight mags. Mostly it is just paid content and intl ads of poshy brands. But sme pieces and articles are worth sharing – for this time it is a recipe at the end of some articles on egyptain weddings. Since I like arabic food and this special taste of the oriental cuisine I'm gonig to blog this „Taste of Egypt: Rokak“ – a meat pastry.

Quoting – During the Eid El Adha, the Festival of Sacrifice, when lots of ppl do a Mekka pilgrimage, the wider family gathers for a meal including grilled meat, fettah (meat cubes w/ rice and fried bread), grilled liver and a sode dish of Rokak which goes along w/ almost everything. The Rokak sheets are usually a little thicker than the filo dough sheets, hence the reason they are dipped in broth before being spread out in the baking pan.

* 300 g minced meat
* 1 1/2 cups chicken or meat broth
* 1 onion, med size, finely chopped
* 1 cup parsley, chopped
* 1 tablespoon oil/margarine
* 2-3 tablespoons margarine or ghee, melted
* Salt and pepper
* 10 Rokak (baked pastry sheets)

1. Meat stuffing: Oil, onions, meat, salt, pepper to cook while stiring medium until browned, add parsley and stir.
2. Preparing rokak: Spread 1/2 of melted margarine in baking pan, heat the broth in baking dish. Take one rokak sheet at a time and dip it in the broth from both sides, then place sheet in the buttered pan. Repeat until half amount of sheeps is layed in the pan.
Fill in the meat mixture, repeat w/ laying the dipped rokak sheets. Brush the last sheep on top with margarine.
Press on slices with your hand so that they stick together. You can pour remaining broth on edges of the dish to keep the rokak moist while baking.
3. Baking the rokak: Heat oven medium high 220-240 C, put dish into it. Leave for 35-45 min until surface becomes golden brown. Take out, cut rokak into equal sectors and serve.


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