Bars and Restaurants in London and Paris

Anflug auf Miami, British Airways London nach Miami
Anflug auf Miami mit British Airways

Tipps and Places to be: Bars and Restaurants in London and Paris – BA
inflight mag Nov 2011

Once again I'd like to present nothing own but some nice inputs from another airline's inflight magazine. Since years I always flip through those glossy papers, often thinking of „You really should follow at least one of those cute tipps and hints“. Erm, read and forgot. So I started to take some of the mags with me. And once again I never accomplished to any of hints. Stop, from now on I will at least put them to my blog. At least…

London: „Fitting the bill“ – new openings

Paris: „Some like it haute“ – recs by Alain Ducasse from hist latest book „J'Aime Paris: 200 Culinary Destinations“

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