Mass Intimacy and Four E’s – #MyJourney and Social Media

22.9. 17.07 CET/16.07 GMT/11.07 EST, still on my flight AA57 LHR-MIA, island of St. George is shown coming up on my flight path monitor:

Reading Financial Times from London and getting a short glimpse on the Lady Gaga phenomenon. Quoting „Gaga's team showed a deep understanding of the opportunities of new technologies to connect with customers. Her approach to achieving ‚mass-intimacy‘ through social media platforms can be summarised with four E's: emotions, experiences, engagement and exclusivity.“ (authors: Martin Kupp, ESMT, Jamie Anderson, AMS, Joerg Reckhenrich, AMS, FT 22.9.2011, p. 16)

Erm, not just Gaga has her four E's – it's pretty that what we're doing with #myjourney and our explorer trips to Bangladesh, Tanzania, Nicaragua, and Georgia within our autum campaign:

1. –> Exclusivity: For every participant it is a unique opportunity to get free of charges (thanx to our sponsors! we don't use donation money) to developing countries and in touch with World Vision's work.

2. –> Experience: More than one week you may experienc by yourself anything what's going on in real life, from harvesting to carrying water or doing some teaching. Our explorer shall experience everything as it is! No censorship, no high quality photography, no film sets, no casting, just pure real developping issues, including things going wrong, going slowly, and, for sure, going the right way to an improvement.

3. –> Emotions: Thank god the time of advertising with pictures of starving kids, big sad eyes, a fly crawling through this big sad eye – GET EMOTIONAL! – has gone, for sure. Emotions are only true if they are provoked by authenticity and are probable. So my expectation to myself is on my 1st trip now to Nicaragua is to get emotonally impressed.

4. –> Engagement: Hey, you know that World Vision is not a cheap tickets‘ office, it's still on „business“ for humanitarian affairs. And so they need fundings to do their good work. That's why this campaing is started, to get donations and new sponsorships. Or, evan better, to engage not just by money, also to do some personal engagement as well, e.g. building up a running team for the

Back to Gaga, quoting „Authenticity and constant promotion are key to online success.“ Especially a NGO is based on trust and has nothing more to loose than it's trustworthiness. Transparency builds up the othe side.

Authenticity rulez – and content is king – this last sentence I could have marked by quotation marks too because the Financial Times closes it's article by this three words…

PS: Posted 2 weeks after written – and still under my very personal reality check – up to come…

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