25.10., 16.15 Dubai-Zeit, 14.15 CET, 18.15 BDL-Zeit, Abflug in Dubai DXB

„Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen, hello Boys and Girls, I'm the captain and I'm from Canada. It's pretty crowded today so store your luggage carefully.“ This man isn't the first time on this Emirates route to Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.

So, now I am as well as the four explorers on my way to the first real #MyJourney (pls apologize I'm using this hashtag all the time, it seems to be that I'm twitter corrupeted…). And it is crowded: Everybody seems to have bought duty free, they carrying bags and bags of alcohol and stuff. Of course the overhead lockers – (erm, btw, are there any scientific researchers providing how these boxes are being named? and more are coming to my mind 😉 – yeah, lockerz are stuffed, bottles crashing down not just once, ppl thinking of cabin baggage as suitcases, 4-wheel-drive-bagpacks and even more. Ok, blabla, read on next paragraph, there is more on my topic.

Poshy Dubai. Once again my first time: 1st time Emrates, 1st time Gulf-States, 1st time Dubai. It's a bubble, unreal, super-rich, superbious, and still a crappy desert village. If the marble stones covering a pedestrian walk are broken anyone could see, the are laid on sand, desert sand. If amyone turns off water supply this green oase will starve and fall to dust, to sand, back to desert sand.

At the same time we are travelling to Bangladesh, a country known for its poverty, much to many inhabitants, groth of population, floods bz nearly every year due the monsun. An islamic country, Hmm, I don't know anything on politics but since World Vision is working there it has to be necessary. How does this match? Once more I'm questioning myself: Posh Poverty?

PS: A nice detail from the Emirates Dubai-Dhaka-Lunch: The „After-Meal-Digestive“, a small packet w/ coriander splits, fennel seeds, sesame seeds, sugar boiled confectionary, green leaves and flavours. Is it too much to suppose on the taste of Indiasia…

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